Children are not just mini adults, their feet are unique and act very differently as they grow and change. They are generally flexible and therefore more susceptible to deformity as a result of abnormal pressures. Kids are highly active and should not be constrained by pain. Your child should have a check up with the podiatrist if they complain of tired, aching legs, if they have abnormally shaped feet, pain in their feet or if they seem to ‘walk a little funny’.

Commonly between 8-15y kids develop heel pain, this is increasingly common in kids who are very active. This pain may be diagnosed as growing pain or Sever’s. This is because the heel bone has a separate growth plate that don’t fuse together until at least the age of 14 years, repetitive stress on these growth plates can inflame the area, causing pain. 

As kids are still malleable intervention can be beneficial in relieving pain and they tend to respond to treatment more quickly.