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  • heel pain
    Heel Pain
    Do you have pain in your heel? Worst with the first few steps in the morning, throbbing or aching after a day at work or exercise? We can help you.
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  • Sporting Running Injury
    Sporting Injuries
    Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, staying fit is important to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
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  • kids feet
    Childrens Feet
    Children are not just mini adults, their feet are unique and act very differently as they grow and change.
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  • sore feet
    Sore Feet
    Are your feet tired, aching and sore by the end of the day? We are here to help you recover and strengthen your feet!
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  • General Footcare
    We can care for thick, fungal or ingrown toenails. We can relieve callous and painful corns or warts as well as a wide range of other skin and nail conditions.
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  • Diabetes
    We can assess nerve function; circulation and overall foot health to reduce likelihood of complications as well as provide regular diabetic foot care.
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What our patients think


Peter and Sarah are both incredibly friendly and caring, a fantastic local podiatrist! Would highly recommend


Peter has extensive knowledge and insights in podiatry and really helped me get back on my feet (pun intended)


Footloose podiatry helped me recover from a sports injury. Their level of care and treatment is 5 stars 🙂